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Cellular fitness requires some time, since it works through your body's natural processes. Based on our clinical results, we recommend daily use for a trial period of 8-12 weeks.


Your answers indicate that you feel a gap in your body’s ability to keep up with your goals. Celltrient™ Strength works in sync with your body’s natural cellular processes to help transform how your muscle cells perform with age. 

Supporting the renewal of mitochondria deep within your muscle cells could be a great option for you. Celltrient Strength features Mitopure™ UA (Urolithin A), a cellular nutrient clinically shown to help promote the renewal of damaged mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the power plants of your cells, producing more than 90% of the cellular energy we need each day. They are found in greater numbers in parts of the body with high energy demand, such as muscles, heart and brain. 

Mitochondrial dysfunction is considered an important factor in age-related declines in muscle strength and physical performance, which can leave you struggling to keep up your normal pace. 

Add Celltrient™ Strength to your wellness routine today!

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Watch how Celltrient Strength helps renew mitochondria

Only 1 in 3 people have the gut bacteria needed to synthesize UA from regular diet

What makes Celltrient Strength different?

You can help support your muscle mass with protein, but you still may not be getting the right nutrition to support the mitochondria which power your muscle cells.

Celltrient Cellular Strength provides Mitopure™ UA (Urolithin A), that has been clinically shown to work with your body’s natural processes to promote recycling of mitochondria. 

This renewal is important for the health and efficiency of your muscle’s power plants. UA is formed by gut bacteria when we eat foods like pomegranates, berries and nuts. However, only 1 in 3 people have the gut bacteria needed to efficiently transform the nutrients from these foods into UA. 

Now, each day you can provide your cells with more of this powerful cellular nutrient.

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Celltrient™ FAQs

A new range of supplements and nutritional beverages formulated with targeted cellular nutrients to help fight key sources of age‐associated cellular decline and promote cell health. As we age, so do our cells. Celltrient™ is designed to go deeper with targeted nutrients to help transform how cells perform with age. Traditional micro and macronutrients meet basic nutritional needs. However, they are generally not enough to combat the declines of cells' natural processes. Celltrient™ is:

-Backed by Science

-Precisely formulated to address 3 major sources of cell aging

-Made to work in harmony with the body's natural processes

-Contains cellular nutrients that go to work deep inside cells to help renew and restore cells' natural processes

Celltrient™ works with your body’s natural processes to promote cell health, cell by cell to revitalize and renew your cells’ natural processes. The product range features cellular nutrients that help replenish NAD+ important for natural energy production, renew the power plants in muscle cells and replenish essential building blocks for the protective antioxidant Glutathione.

The cellular nutrients provided by Celltrient™ become available to your cells shortly after taking the products. In clinical trials, changes in markers of cellular health and function were observed over periods of weeks or several months. As with any nutritional product, your experience will vary depending on factors like your age, diet, exercise habits, and overall health. In clinical studies, the ingredients in Celltrient™ were taken daily to see a benefit. Based on this, we recommend that you take Celltrient™ every day.

Currently, there are no studies suggesting that there is a preferential time of day to take the product. It may be helpful to take Celltrient™ products at the same time every day as part of your daily routine.

Lifestyle habits—such as regular exercise and physical activity—promote better function of your body and your cells, which can help combat the effects of Age‐Associated Cellular Decline. Consuming a balanced diet is also important to help meet the basic nutritional needs of your cells and your body. However, traditional macro and micronutrients may not be enough to address the declines in cellular processes observed with AACD. Cellular nutrients have been shown to influence the pathways that decline with age and go to work deep inside cells to help renew and restore natural cell processes.

Traditional micro and macronutrients naturally found in foods help to meet basic nutritional needs. Cellular Nutrients may be available or derived from food sources yet are likely to be consumed in suboptimal amounts from a usual diet. For example:

‐ NAC is not found in foods. Cellular levels of Glycine and Cysteine have been shown to be reduced with age and increased exposure to oxidative stress.

The cellular nutrients, GlyNAC, UA and NR, in Celltrient™ products have been studied in clinical trials. In these studies, the nutrients are taken daily over a period of weeks to several months. Based on this, we recommend that you take Celltrient™ every day.

GlyNAC (Glycine + N‐acetyl cysteine), found in Celltrient™ Cellular Protect, provides building blocks to help cells make the antioxidant glutathione in response to cellular needs. Clinical studies have shown that these two amino acids are less available in our cells as we age. Supplementation with Glycine and NAC can help replenish these important amino acid precursors for glutathione production.

Urolithin A (UA), found in Celltrient™ Cellular Strength, was evaluated in a randomized, doubleblind, placebo‐controlled trial in healthy older adults. Daily supplementation with UA for 4 weeks improved markers of mitochondrial function and increased markers of mitophagy in skeletal muscle. A second clinical trial with UA was recently completed, and showed improved hamstring muscle strength in healthy, overweight adults consming UA daily for 4 months.

Nicotinamide Riboside (NR), found in Celltrient™ Cellular Energy, has been studied in numerous clinical trials, resulting in 11 published studies. NR is clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels in as soon as 2 weeks, and these levels are sustained with continued daily intake of NR.

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