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Style Blogger Beth Djalali Shares Her Personal Journey With Cell Health

Beth Djalali is a well-known fashion and lifestyle blogger who encourages women to embrace their own personal style. Her blog, Style at a Certain Age, exhibits how to age with grace, strength, and beauty, using her personal tips on health, wellness, hair care, and skin care. With 129k subscribers on YouTube and 146k followers on Instagram, Beth is a true embodiment of her motto that true style is ageless.


What’s the number one tip you have for aging well?

Beth: Pay attention to your health and body. It’s the number one priority at any age, but especially as we get older and start noticing changes in how we feel.


What’s the secret to getting the most out of your life?

Beth: Gratitude goes a long way. It keeps me focused on what’s truly important in my life, including my health.


How does Celltrient complement your health and wellness regimen?

Beth: It’s crazy to think that even while we sleep, our cells never do. I’m fascinated with the power of mitochondria. This is the glue that keeps our bodies functioning in optimal condition. I know my cells are aging along with me, and Celltrient is cutting edge in that it helps renew natural processes that can decline as we age.


Celltrient provides deep-acting cellular nutrients to help transform how my cells perform as I age. I do my part by feeding my body with proper nutrients through my diet, but then I get a one/two punch by adding Celltrient into my daily routine.


Why was adding Nicotinamide Riboside from Celltrient Cellular Energy important to you?

Beth: Adding Celltrient Cellular Energy into my daily routine helps reinforce my body’s natural ability to transform my food into energy and boosts my NAD+ levels rapidly. I have action-packed days full to the brim. I need stamina and endurance to throw in a workout every day, meet my work deadlines and have time to enjoy friends and family when the clock strikes five. I plan on living an active life for years to come, so Celltrient products are now integral to my routine.


What’s one small habit you stick to that enhances your overall health outlook?

Beth: A daily workout is so important not only for my body, but also my mental health. One of my favorite ways to stay active is a daily walk with my dog Oscar or a stroll on the beach.



What’s something new that you have learned about cell health during journey with from using Celltrient?

Beth: My destiny lives within my cells. That’s a powerful statement. As we take care of our outward appearance, it’s just as important to concentrate on what’s going on inside.


Honestly, I had never paid much attention to my mitochondria. I truly took my cells for granted. Since my partnership with Celltrient, cellular health has become so important to me. Now I know the importance of taking care of my cells and keeping my body fueled and efficient. My youthful spirit needs a body that has strength and stamina, and Celltrient helps me keep this process going.


What’s one thing you wish you could tell yourself 10 years ago that could have been a big advantage in your wellness journey?

Beth: Health and wellness are of utmost importance, and diet is a crucial aspect of a healthy life. Food is medicine and I wish I’d been properly fueling my body all along. But the good news is that it’s never too late to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle, like I did with Celltrient.


Check out Beth’s recipe for Citrus Energy Bars with Celltrient Energy here.

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